SURVEY: Mentoring for Translators and Interpreters - Message on LinkedIn

SURVEY: Mentoring for Translators and Interpreters - Message on LinkedIn

This message was posted on LinkedIn, in the Translation Commons Group, on July 11th.


Jeannette Stewart - Facilitating Global Communication

Announcement from Translation Commons - Survey on Mentoring


Dear Translation Commons Member, 

Throughout the various discussions that have taken place in the group, the important concept of mentoring inspired a small team to create a sub-group, the Mentoring Think Tank, with the purpose of creating a standardized template/framework for mentoring internships of students, graduates or new language professionals with freelance Translators, Interpreters and LSPs. 

The Translation Commons Mentoring Think Tank Sub-group is conducting an industry-wide survey on Mentoring for Translators and Interpreters. 

Survey Link: Mentoring for Translators and Interpreters

The objective of the survey is to gather real-life information on existing mentoring practices and to determine the optimum desired mentoring elements for Translators and Interpreters. The survey is designed to be taken by both mentors (including company employees) and mentees whether they have already experience or not. The results of the survey will help the Mentoring Think Tank team of Translation Commons to create a General Standard of Mentoring Practices to be used as a guideline and to facilitate freelancers in formulating agreements and managing expectations when providing or receiving mentoring. When the Standard is ready it will be free to download and a link will be available from various industry sources. 

The estimated Survey time is only 5-15 minutes and we hope you will pass on the link to as many Industry Associations, Groups, Colleagues and Social Media you can in order to spread the word and increase the reach. 

Thank you for taking the time to participate. 

With kind regards, 

Jeannette Stewart
Translation Commons Moderator