Survey Results - General Information

SURVEY RESULTS: Risk Management in Translation Projects



The first part of the survey collects some general information such as company name, location, name and function of the TPM, previous training, years of TPM experience and number of TPMs in the office. The names and the companies are confidential and are not divulged in this MA thesis. Gathering all this basic information is meant to evaluate if the sample of participants is representative of the translation industry.

There were 107 respondents to the survey located in 32 countries around the world and coming from all types of companies (small, medium and large in size). As can be observed in table 4.2, the United States counts most participants, followed by the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany.


The participants are mainly project managers but there are also operational managers, vendor managers and one translator; their responses were also taken into account. Globally, the time in function of the sampled TPMs ranges from a few months to 35 years and the number of TPMs in their respective offices ranges from one to several hundred.


Part 2: Project Management in Translation Projects