Quotation - Documentation (one target language)

Type of exercise:
Quotation prepared by a translation agency for a translation project consisting of one document to be translated into one language.


Translation agency: based in Brussels, Belgium
Client company: based in Dublin, Ireland

Product: Mch29TR2
Files to be localised: documents in Adobe Indesign® format

Source language: English
Target language: German

Volume (information coming from the client): 

  • 438 pages
  • 109,549 words
  • 43 standard illustrations to be localised using Adobe PhotoShop® (accessible text layers)

Standard selling prices for English into German translation services:

  • 0.20 EUR/source word
  • 11 EUR/source page 
  • 8 EUR/standard illustration 

Additional comments:

  • A 5% fee is payable for project management services.
  • A PDF file should be delivered to the client, but the price for this stage is included in the Desktop Publishing ("DTP") price.

      è Create your quotation using a spreadsheet program and make sure to integrate the
appropriate formulas.


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