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  • This quotation has been created using Microsoft Excel®.
  • As the original document was created in Adobe Indesign®, an additional production stage is scheduled after all linguistic stages in order to adapt the layout of the translated document ("DTP" stage).
  • To make it easier, the corresponding MS Excel file is available for download.
  • Assuming that the word "Quotation" is inserted in cell A1, the result appearing in cell E27, in the Price/task column, corresponds to the formula "=B27*D27".
  • You can then copy this formula into the other cells of column E (or simply drag down the handle appearing in the bottom right corner of cell E27 when selecting the later).
  • The sub-total appearing in cell E33 equals the sum of the results associated to each production task: E33=SUM(E27:E31).
  • The amount for project management is calculated by multiplying the Sub-total by 5%: E34=E33*B34.
  • The total displaying in cell E35 is obtained by adding the Sub-Total to the Project Management: E35=E33+E34.
  • Make sure that the thousand separators and decimal points are used consistently in accordance with the language used for the quotation.
  • Within a same column, display the same number of figures after the decimal point.
  • Clearly indicate the currency used for the quotation.
  • Do not forget to insert the ID data of the client and of your company. Always indicate the contact persons and their email address and possibly phone number (or even fax number).
  • Insert the Project References and the date when the quotation was made.
  • If you do not know the deadline yet, write the mention "TBD" (To Be Defined).
  • If you think a TM will be used during the project, you can insert a comment about this (whether directly in note form in the corresponding cell, or at the bottom of the quote) indicating that the quotation may be adapted according to the future TM analysis.
  • Insert the mention "Quotation" in the header of your file.
  • Do not forget to mention how long the quotation is valid, especially if it is for a new client.
  • Check the layout of your quotation using the Print Preview mode. Be sure that the content is laid-out so that it will print correctly, within the page margins.
Detailed explanations, as well as more examples on quotations, schedules and other topics linked to the management of translation projects are also available in the book "How to manage your translation projects". 

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