Evaluation forms

QA items can be rated for an objective indication of whether the work is acceptable or not.

The evaluation form templates may or may not be provided by the customer, who may also ask for the completed forms at the end of the project to ensure that evaluations were performed and that the final quality conforms to required standards. Some customer may even perform the QA evaluation themselves.

The forms may be quite general, with simple ratings, or on the contrary, very detailed, indicating all of the issues to be resolved, and even the proposed corrections to be implemented before final delivery.

Here is an example of a General Evaluation form:

 Omissions  /5
 Language understanding  /5
 Subject understanding  /5
 Terminology  /5
 Grammar  /5
 Style & Word choice  /5
 Spelling & Typos  /5
 Presentation  /5
 Respect of client's rules (style guide, glossary, guidelines)  /5
 Global evaluation  /5