Translation Projects

This site is for people involved in translation, especially project managers, freelance translators as well as translation teachers and students.

Focusing mainly on management aspects, the site will also present information about the use of some tools as well as various localisation notions.


The first section contains some articles published in various books about translation. Each article is linked to a specific request for the different publishers. The general orientation of these books has therefore determined the content of the articles, which highlight my own experiences as well as my opinion.

The aim of the blog is to answer questions relating to translation project management and suggest procedures that help facilitate the development of a project. It may also touch on the contribution made by certain tools or indicate some career opportunities.

The bookComment gérer vos projets de traduction” is available in French in printed format from publisher Edi.pro. The English versionHow to manage your translation projects, available in digital format, is currently available for order and download from our site.

The contact page will help you advise me of your opinion. Please do not hesitate to visit it to ask any questions you may have about the site content.

A series of exercises aimed at consolidating project management will also be proposed. These exercises will touch on various aspects of project management, whether to do with quotations or schedules, project follow-up or quality assurance.


Certain information published on this site is only accessible after registration. You can therefore register for free below. (The login information will be sent by email. If you do not receive an email within an hour, please check your junk mail folder or send me an email.)


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