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SURVEY RESULTS - Analysis of the answers





The second part of the survey was meant to obtain more information on the mentor side. The first question directed the respondents to various subsequent questions, targeting on the one hand people, who have already acted as mentors in the translation industry (Question 8) and on the other hand people, who have not (Question 6). Regarding this second group, various questions were asked of those who expressed the will to become mentor one day (Question 15), and those who would rather not (Question 7). After having explained their dislike on the mentoring perspective, this last group was immediately directed to the third part of the survey for Mentees (Question 30).


Question 5: Have you ever been a mentor?

Most participants have never acted as a mentor (377). Only 31% answered this question positively (167).

Note that 544 persons answered this question and 3 skipped it.



Question 6: Would you like to become a mentor?

Of the 377 persons who had never been mentors, the answers indicate a sharp division between the participants, interested in becoming a mentor (186) and those who do not consider this option (185).

6 persons skipped this question.



Question 7: Why would you not like to be a mentor? 
(multiple choices)

3 participants skipped this question and 182 explained their reasons.

Most people (98 or 54%) do not consider acting as a mentor, because they do not feel capable of taking on such a responsibility. Many of them (54) said that they do not have enough time. A significant number (49) do not really know what to expect from this role and are not sure what the mentees might expect from them. A few participants (12) answered that they would accept, if they were paid. A minority (5) were worried to take the risks.

This question offered the opportunity to explain other reasons for not being willing to become a mentor. Participants, who chose this option (17), mentioned reasons like:

  • Already being an academic (1)
  • Not enjoying or not being interested in teaching (4)
  • Not having the right personality for it (2)
  • Not knowing how this works (1)
  • Still having a lot to learn or being themselves interested in having a mentor (4)
  • Not considering this as part of their professional expectations (2)
  • Not wanting to create a competitor who will then take their work away (1)
  • Considering that their company should be the one hiring the mentee and not them personally (1)
  • Not having time at the moment, but possibly considering it at a later point in time (1) 


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