Mentoring Guidelines for Translators and Interpreters

As you might remember, some time ago, we published a survey on mentoring for translators and interpreters (at school, in companies or any organisation, by freelancers).

The numerous answers received allowed us to build some conclusions, which were used by a group of volunteers as a basis to create the first version of mentoring guidelines for translators and interpreters.

We would now like to share with you the second version of those guidelines. They were fully reviewed and several sub-sections were added. We also created a form aimed at helping mentors and mentees to build their own mentoring program (Appendix A – Checklist Template).

You can find them attached or download them from Translation Commons’ website:

PDF file:

We sincerely hope that this document will promote mentoring in our sector and will be useful to as many people as possible.

Any feedback can be directly posted on our mentoring forum ( or sent to us by email.

Thank you very much for your support in this long process.


Mentoring guidelines for translators and interpreters


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