Multilingual Workflow Management

6 hours (1 day)
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Translation Technology Summer School

Multilingual Workflow Management


  • Essential project management skills in the translation business 
    (2 hours)

Whatever their role in the process, any participants in a translation project need to manage their work. Would they be translators, revisers, DTP experts, testers, project managers, etc., mastering some basic management principles will influence their success in their professional life.

During this session, we will discuss all those skills that are so important in the translation business. Participants will share their own experience and will benefit from the advices and examples of their coach. They will also analyze the connection between the various roles in a management perspective.


  • Project management financial tools and tips (rates, word counts, quoting and invoicing)
    (4 hours)

How to define new rates? What should be included in a price grid? Are there any risks when calculating volumes? How to prepare an accurate quotation? What should be included in an invoice? What exactly is a credit note? How to guarantee profitability?

This session will target the financial aspect of translation project management, not only for project managers, but also for freelancers, working on the linguistic aspect (translators, revisers, QA people) or on the technical one (DTP experts, testers, etc.). After theoretical explanations, some exercises will be proposed to the participants and corrected at the end of the course.


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