Translation Bookmarking

Visit this new website:

The purpose of this website is to bookmark interesting articles on translation and organise them into categories, ranging from players in the sector to the management of projects and the specific steps they involve, such as translation, revision, technical tasks, and so on.

Recently, I’ve been bookmarking and classifying interesting articles I’ve come across regardless of when they were first published. 

If you’ve discovered an enjoyable read, please feel free to share it here using the Submit a Link feature. You can also add a Share it button on your website so that your own readers can bookmark your articles. To make sure that all submissions match the right category, they will be moderated before going live.

You can also 'Like' each bookmarked article and use the Save button to include your favourite ones in your own Reading List.

I hope you’ll find this translation bookmarking useful and will enjoy using this site!


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