First Contact with Clients

In general, any contact with potential clients ("prospects") occurs within the sales department. However, the participation of a project manager in this communication may prove useful, or even essential. Their specific knowledge in a particular field (for example, the translation of audio components or the localisation1 of complex software) may form a significant selling point.

The project manager's field experience will help build trust in the client, who will take this into account when comparing and evaluating two rival agencies.

For existing clients, the project manager's involvement in negotiations may undoubtedly represent an asset for the translation agency.




  • 1. In this case, localisation covers not only the translation itself but also the cultural and technical adaptation of the software as a whole, as well as any documents or associated modules, like help files, documentation, marketing documents, etc. Technical tasks, including page setting for documents, modifications to graphics, and also the steps for compiling, testing, debugging, etc. of the software and other technical modules, are also involved in the "localisation" of a piece of software.

Publication: Matis, Nancy. 2005. La gestion de projets de traduction et sa place dans la formation de traducteurs, Équivalences, number 32/1 2005 - "La traduction à l'heure de la localisation" HEB, Haute École de Bruxelles, 47-62.