Launching the Project

Once the client has accepted the estimate and project plan, the project manager can begin production on a project.

Of course, it is up to the project manager to ensure that there are enough teams and that they are ready to complete the project. The project manager must also take care of any necessary preparations that may not have been carried out during the analysis stage. For example, some file types must be converted so that translators can more easily work with them (ex.: converting Adobe FrameMaker files into Microsoft Word). Furthermore, they must ensure that glossaries and possibly translation memories are up-to-date, and also that the project instructions are ready, have been adapted to the various people involved, and are understandable for all of them.

When assigning tasks and sending files, the project manager must provide the various resources with any applicable purchase orders.

These documents generally conform to a company-defined model with amounts preferably fixed according to unit prices per word or per page, for example, rather than by hours worked, a number that is always more difficult to predict.

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