Completing Production

Before delivering the project to the client, the project manager will make sure that all steps have been carried out, specifically double-checking the client's original instructions. The project manager will verify, of course, that all of the components and files are present and that they meet predefined criteria (for example, names), and then will deliver it all as planned (by e-mail, FTP site, etc.).

After delivery, the client may submit comments and criticisms ("feedback"). It is then up to the project manager to evaluate the extent of possible modifications to be made. Has the client made corrections directly or must they handle them themselves and, in this case, who in particular must do so? The resources who worked on the project? Or is it necessary to find someone more skilled? Is the client's negative reaction the result of a quality issue or a more subjective preference they have expressed, or have they changed their mind in regard to the original instructions?

According to the answers to these questions, a financial analysis may or may not be performed in order to determine if any potentially new stages will be partially or completely charged to the client. Furthermore, it must be determined whether credit notes should be applied to those responsible or whether they must simply be held accountable for the additional work required by such feedback.

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